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Early Winter Season

Ayurveda Guidelines for Early Winter Season

Early Winter Season Hemanta [early winter] is a pleasant transition from the excess dryness of autumn. Hemanta provides unctuous & cold qualities into the atmosphere. “Whatever there is in the environment is also there in the human body” The Sanskrit word “Rtu” means the seasonal movement of time, while “Charyā” means routine or lifestyle. Therefore, ‘Rtucharyā’ means a seasonal routine or seasonal lifestyle. – Dr. Vasant Lad   During this time of the year [i.e.Visarga Kāla] it’s hydrating as the power of the Sun becomes less … and the gentle qualities of the moon become more predominant. The qualities of early winter [hemanta] are excessively unctuous [utkrsta snigdha] and moderately cold [madhyama śīta]. Increased Agni = Increased Hunger & Appetite   Very St...