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Reasons Why Not To Drink Cold Water – An Ayurvedic Perspective


Why Not To Drink Cold Water
Sit down in any restaurant and very often the first thing offered is a tall glass of ice cold water. The wisdom of Ayurveda considers ice cold water as a big no-no. Ayurveda considers optimal digestion as being the fundamental pillar of good health and explains further that drinking cold beverages actually extinguishes the digestive flame. In fact, drinking cold water especially with meals is actually considered to be a common cause of indigestion as we shall explain further.

Your Sacred Digestive Flame
The very act of eating is life-giving and optimizing digestion is a key principle in the science of Ayurveda. Many ancient cultures considered fire to be sacred. Fire represents the alchemical transformation of one thing into another. The science of Ayurveda explains this same principle of transformation as being the governing principle of our digestive flame known as “Agni”.

Ice Water + Agni = Poor Digestion
The ancients did not explain digestion with terms such as hydrochloric acid [HCL], and digestive juices such as mucin and gastrin but rather as a simile of fire [“agni”] – the digestive flame. As we know, the function of fire is to burn. I know that may not sound profound but let’s take a closer look at this principle.

The Basic Qualities of “Agni” 

    • hot
    • sharp
    • penetrating
    • transformative


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“Hot Quality” 

The moment we introduce food into the digestive tract, it is of vital importance to sterilize this food before it enters into the general circulation. The hot quality of this digestive flame does just that. We can liken this to one of the functions of hydrochloric acid [HCL] which not only digest and break food down but also helps keep the stomach pH between 1.5 – 3.5 but closer to 2. This is a very acidic environment in which most bacteria cannot survive more than 15 minutes. More importantly, the science of Ayurveda explains the “cold quality” as having a constricting effect upon tissue.  According to this philosophy the cold quality creates almost a ‘shock-like’ state to the digestive system which is especially untimely just prior to a meal. Therefore, the resultant effect of cold water on the G.I. tract is considered to be the [very] common cause for  indigestion.

3 Simple Tips:
1. Sip warm water rather than cold.
2. Take sips of water rather than gulps.
3. Sip less water during meals

Rev Up Your Digestion:
Ginger is well known for increasing appetite and improving digestion. Therefore, before your next meal consider the following appetizing remedy to enhance your digestion.

– chop up a small piece of ginger
– add a few drops of lime
– add a pinch of salt
– enjoy your meal fully

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