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Sun And Venus In Taurus

Sun and Venus in Taurus: Soul Celebration

Sun and Venus in Taurus: Soul Celebration
It is that beautiful time of year when summer starts to settle in, the sun shines free of clouds, temperatures kindle and the nostalgia of summer takes hold. This transformation into the summer season has many themes and connotations which include love, nature and enjoyment of the beauty and pleasures of life. This seasonal shift is being encouraged and aligned astrologically in a incredibly potent, brilliant and tantric way.

The Sun entered the Venus owned sign of Taurus on Sunday May 15 and will remain in Taurus until Tuesday June 14. Venus entered its own sign of Taurus on Friday May 20 and will remain in Taurus until Sunday June 12. In brief, the Sun and Venus will be in conjunction traveling in Taurus from May 20 to June 12.  This incredibly pleasurable, sensual, enjoyable, celebratory and soul satisfying shift embodies the beginning of summer. Therefore, Venus and the Sun are encouraging an incredibly potent start to the summer in which full light shines on the pleasure, beauty, satisfaction, and celebration of life.

Connected Towards Beauty … 
Taurus is a sign owned by Venus and inherently is connected towards beauty, the senses, possessions, accumulations, attachments and wealth. One of the primary spiritual karmas of Taurus is the seeking of stability, pleasure, beauty, security and consistency. On the tamasic and rajasic side of Taurus we have the seeking of stability and enjoyment through external means such as wealth, possessions, relationships, tastes, sex, substances, power and anything else one might desire externally for security or stability.

On the sattvic side of Taurus we have the seeking of balance and stability through patience and detachment; we find an energy where true balance and harmony come from finding stability within. This inner stability is inherently connected to incomparable loyalty and devotion. Taurus represents our desire for stability, pleasure, and the journey towards security through external and internal means. Taurus is inherently connected towards the soul’s ability to achieve wealth, success and prosperity, and has symbolic significance relating to our karma around wealth, love, attachments, possessions and the senses.

Very Potent Energy … 
The Sun when it entered Taurus created a very potent energy that some astrologers would say is traditionally unfavorable. This is due to the fact that astrologically speaking the Sun and Venus are enemies. The reasoning behind this unfavorable conjunction can be brought to our attention through metaphor and analogy. The Sun here is representative of a King, fully realized in his own power, a leader of his own domain and also empowered to lead, command and direct others. The Sun represents the individual will and full realization of a healthy ego.

One of the Sun’s primary karmas is to align the individual with their dharma or soul’s direction. The Sun or King inherently embodies dharma through understanding and fulfilling his will, which represents the soul’s direction or potential. Venus here is representative of the Princess, who embodies refinement, sophistication, and grace. She is remarkably beautiful and adorned with the finest clothing and jewelry. Our Princess, Venus, is concerned here with everything that life has to offer; all extremes of experience, all pleasures and all things that are beautiful. She is concerned with finding balance and harmony, as well as experiencing all of the pleasure and beauty that life has to offer.

The King loves the Princess and the Sun inherently does not possess true enemies but often one could see how the King could be displeased with the Princess due to her preoccupation with wealth, possessions, pleasure and also for lack of purpose or true identity. Displeased with her lack of power, strength and leadership abilities. The Princess, or Venus, on the other hand is very displeased with her father the King. She sees his inflated ego and thirst for power and dominance as totally disgusting, unrefined, and simply distasteful. Venus is uncomfortable with the Sun’s lack of attention towards pleasure and beauty and the Sun finds Venus’ attention towards beauty and pleasure superficial, vain and lacking depth.

VenusInterestingly, Venus is traveling in conjunction with the Sun in Taurus and Taurus empowers Venus. Here we have the King giving up his primary energies to the Princess. We have the father (the Sun) who succumbs to his daughter’s wishes, desires and whims. Symbolically speaking, the father has given his wallet to his daughter and told her to enjoy herself and by all means she will in the traditional ways in which Venus and Taurus know best.

The Sun’s incredible power, strength, light and energy is being offered to Venus during this time period. This means that the soul’s direction, the soul’s satisfaction, the souls destiny at this time is deeply connected towards Venus and her expressions. At other times the Sun or soul’s destiny/direction may be concerned primarily with career, reputation, religion, spirituality and other potent life areas. Due to this Sun and Venus conjunction in Taurus, the soul’s destiny/direction is primarily concerned with the beauty, pleasure, and external manifestations of life. This implies that the soul is deeply satisfied during this period by celebrating life in all its various forms, especially as it relates to love, music, art and drama.

This time is a spark plug igniting us with all of the beautiful aspects of life which may have taken a back seat due to other priorities. This practically translates to celebrating the beginning of summer in a way that embodies the celebration of life and all of the beautiful things in which life has to offer. This is an incredibly potent time to start new relationships and to deepen current relationships because the Sun is encouraging power and deep soul connections through Venus’ expressions of love and beauty. This is an incredibly potent time to have accumulations and possessions that deeply satisfy on a soul level. These accumulations can be expressed in a multitude of forms including money, diplomas, degrees, clothes, jewelry, and romantic/sensual experiences.

Sun In VenusAnother powerful indication during this time period is that the Sun will be lending power to Taurus and Venus in terms of finding stability and security. This conjunction is highly auspicious as it aids with stability and security in relationships, as well as with one’s financial condition or status. It can help us find security and stability in our dharma in a way that is pleasurable and satisfying for this is a time of soul celebration, where the soul is deeply satisfied and nourished by experiencing all the fruits of life; in experiencing love, beauty, music, art, pleasure, romance and nature. This is a time where the soul’s energy is primarily concerned with the inherent beauty and celebration of life and this astrological alignment is a powerful encouragement to give one’s heart and soul to the appreciation, and prioritization of soul celebration.

Honoring Venus
We honor Venus by encouraging sophistication, refinement, purity and grace.  Venus’ astrological signs are Taurus and Libra. Venus’ day is Friday.  Colors are grey and purple. Gem is diamond and metal is silver.

We can also honor Venus by chanting Venus’ seed sound …

Shri Venus Shukraya Mantra W/ Seed Sounds. A Hymn to Venus.

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Jyotish on Saturday, January 30, 2016

Honoring The Sun

We Honor The Sun By Wearing Bright Orange, Yellows, and Reds, as Well as With The Gem Ruby and The Metals Copper and Gold. We Can Honor The Sun in Lifestyle Through Allowing Our Inner Leader To Shine, in Whatever Literal, Metaphorical, or Metaphysical Sense Resonates. It is a Favorable to Prioritize Self  Promotion, Determination and Intense Forward Progression in Varying Areas of Life.

We Can Also Honor The Sun By Chanting The Sun’s Seed Sound

Blessed Surya Sun Mantra W/ Seed Sounds

Posted by Kṣaṇāti Deva on Sunday, January 24, 2016


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