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Ayurveda Allopathic Perspective

Ayurveda – From An Allopath’s Perspective

  Ayurveda – From An Allopath’s Perspective By Dr Wasuki Upadhyaya MBBS MD(Ay-BHU) “Ayurveda” – this word brings in two types of thought-responses in the minds of allopathic doctors. One is, “a bunch of sub-standard people practicing outdated crude folk medicine” and the second thought-response being, “a mysterious esoteric science whose intellectual genius is far ahead of allopathic medicine despite being nature based”. Not only is the second thought-response much more true, but is being realized by many open-minded allopaths as well as scientists from around the world. But then the question arises, how is it that Ayurveda survives when it’s wielded by mediocre minds in the Indian society? Well, the answer is – despite the vast majority whose professionalism, ...