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Ayurvedic herbs for Pitta

Health Is Wholeness – Is Health Really Just The Absence Of Disease?

  Is Health Really Just The Absence Of Disease? The concept of health is so familiar that many of us never really give much thought about what it really means. The most common response to such a question is – “the absence of disease”. Is health really just the absence of disease? The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda sees each person as not being a set of parts, but as a whole and for one to be considered healthy – the body, mind, and consciousness must be balanced. More specifically, Sushruta the father of surgery and teacher of Ayurveda explained health as being when the digestive fire [“agni”] is balanced; the bodily humors [vata-pitta-kapha] are in equilibrium; the three waste products [urine, feces, and sweat] are eliminated properly; the senses function normally; and the bo...