Lassi - A Refreshing Drink And Digestive Aid

Lassi - A Refreshing Drink And Digestive Aid
Lassi is a popular indian drink that is refreshing and helps aid digestion. It is made with fresh yogurt and water and is generally produced with 3 parts water to 1 part yogurt ratio. However this can be changed according to one’s constitution and balance – a more watery lassi is easier to digest. The benefits of lassi include boosting immunity as it provides a great source of acidophilus and vitamin B12. It is best made with fresh yogurt and certain spices add to the taste and enhance the digestive effect.

Simple Lassi Recipe

·        ½ cup fresh plain yogurt
·        3 cups water

1.      Simply blend the yogurt and water together until smooth.
2.      Put into glasses and serve immediately.

Other Considerations:
~ a pinch of salt and cumin blended into the lassi can have a more digestive effect
~ sugar is also used to make sweet lassi which can be a delicious and heat reducing drink in summer
~ consider adding mint or a drop of rosewater for a tasty treat
~ spices such as cardamom & sandalwood can also been added to lassi to enhance the digestive effects.


How do you make your lassi?
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