Lassi – A Refreshing Drink And Digestive Aid
Lassi is a popular indian drink that is refreshing and helps aid digestion. It is made with fresh yogurt and water and is generally produced with 3 parts water to 1 part yogurt ratio. However this can be changed according to one’s constitution and balance – a more watery lassi is easier to digest. The benefits of lassi include boosting immunity as it provides a great source of acidophilus and vitamin B12. It is best made with fresh yogurt and certain spices add to the taste and enhance the digestive effect.

Simple Lassi Recipe

·        ½ cup fresh plain yogurt
·        3 cups water

1.      Simply blend the yogurt and water together until smooth.
2.      Put into glasses and serve immediately.

Other Considerations:
~ a pinch of salt and cumin blended into the lassi can have a more digestive effect
~ sugar is also used to make sweet lassi which can be a delicious and heat reducing drink in summer
~ consider adding mint or a drop of rosewater for a tasty treat
~ spices such as cardamom & sandalwood can also been added to lassi to enhance the digestive effects.


How do you make your lassi?
Feel free to comment below.

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  1. karlremmen 3 years ago

    Here is a very concentrated lassi suitable for helping in recovery from a very hard workout or a state of malnourishment: 20oz. organic milk, preferably raw milk. Many be fat free, reduced fat or whole milk. 3T non GMO whey protein powder and 1T non’GMO bovine colostrum powder. 1 rounded t organic turmeric powder. Yogurt culture. Stir together in a pot while slowly heating to 110 Fahrenheit- should be dissolved by the time the mixture reaches about 100. Pour in jar(s) and culture at 110 for apx. 12h. Then grind together in a coffee grinder 1t each of whole organic coriander seeds, fennel seeds and cardamom seeds. Grind together to powder and add to finished yogurt along with 1 rounded t of cinnamon powder (may use cassi or Ceylon cinnamon powder). Return to warming vessel and allow to continue culturing for an hour or so so that the flavors will mingle and the phytates in the seeds will be somewhat deactivated. Then remove from warming vessel and cover and allow to cool to room temp before using. Just before using, add 4T raw honey to the finished lassi and stir in. Shake just before consuming. Better to use fresh than to refrigerate at any time. I hope someone might find this recipe useful Dr. Dhaliwal.

  2. karlremmen 3 years ago

    I’m very sorry, regarding the above recipe: I forgot to add that one must add enough water to the (apx. 20oz.) finished lassi that the total volume of the lassi/ water combination is at least 1L. Thank you.

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Transform your life with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.
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