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Ayurvedic Tips For Nasya

Follow The Journey From Yoga To Ayurveda – Discovering The Benefits Of Nasya

Discovering The Benefits Of Nasya She woke up in the morning feeling clogged in her nose. Food did not have taste for her and her head felt heavy. Easy way out was popping an antihistamine. This easily became a daily routine till she found yoga! Yoga was delightful but when it came to practicing pranayama (breath control), she was still limited. Slowly with time she learnt that the nose is the gateway to the brain and thereby it increases prana (life force) through breath. Life is Breathing – Breathing is Life  To be able to inhale and exhale through the nose is wonderful, we instantly calm down, get grounded especially if we notice the breath. Now imagine trying to inhale with a blocked nose. The flow of breathing is fragmented, creating tension. One of the methods of maintaining he...