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Follow The Journey From Yoga To Ayurveda – Discovering The Benefits Of Nasya

Follow The Journey From Yoga To Ayurveda – Discovering The Benefits Of Nasya

Discovering The Benefits Of Nasya
She woke up in the morning feeling clogged in her nose. Food did not have taste for her and her head felt heavy. Easy way out was popping an antihistamine. This easily became a daily routine till she found yoga! Yoga was delightful but when it came to practicing pranayama (breath control), she was still limited. Slowly with time she learnt that the nose is the gateway to the brain and thereby it increases prana (life force) through breath.

Life is Breathing – Breathing is Life 
To be able to inhale and exhale through the nose is wonderful, we instantly calm down, get grounded especially if we notice the breath. Now imagine trying to inhale with a blocked nose. The flow of breathing is fragmented, creating tension. One of the methods of maintaining healthy sinuses is pranayama, in Sanskrit it means “extension of the pran or breath”. There are many simple techniques used to cleanse the nasal passage. Congested sinuses may result in bad moods, prolonged periods of feeling tired (we don’t get enough oxygen for the whole body to relax and recharge), sleepiness, snoring, apnea, runny nose, recurring sinus problems, headaches, migraines, hay fever the list can, of course, go on.

 The link ~ Discovering The Benefits Of Ayurveda And Pranayama
Ayurveda, literally, is ‘The Science of Life’.  It came to her. She realized that it provided simple yet very effective solutions for decongesting the sinuses and eliminating other imbalances that might stem from just a blocked nose and bad breathing. Also discovered was that a very important aspect of Ayurveda is Nasya.

Nasya:  What is it?
‘Nasya’ is an Ayurvedic practice that involves administering herbal oils to the nasal passage. Commonly such treatments are known to clear sinus congestion, help clear accumulated toxins from the head and neck region. In Ayurveda, nasya is one of the important self-care methods which brings about internal detoxification. It is a part of an ‘Ayurvedic Daily Routine’ by putting 3-5 drops of warm ghee or sesame seed oil into each nostril in the morning.

Nice Video ~ How To Do Nasya Using Ayurvedic Nasya Oil:

Use Different Nasya Oils For Different Doshas:
– Vata Dosha: Sesame oil, ghee, or vacha (calamus) oil.
– Pitta Dosha: Brahmi ghee, sunflower or coconut oil.
– Kapha Dosha: Vacha (calamus root) oil.

She Discovers The Benefit Of Anu Taila:  
Which is a classical Ayurvedic formula oil for nasya that was described in Asthanga Hrdaya, the Ayurveda Classical text. Prepared in a base of sesame seed oil it contains 30 herbs and goat’s milk. Anu Taila positively effects Tridoshic conditions and has no known side effect if administered correctly.

 Self Administration Of Nasya Oil At Home:
a)   To comfortably lie down with the head slanting downward and looking at the ceiling
b)   To Place 3-4 drops of AnuTaila or any other nasya oil into each nostril.
c)   Massage in circular motion the outside perimeter of the nostril
d)   Ensure the drops of oil go down the nasal passage.
e)   And then to rest for two minutes.

Benefits of Nasya: A Revelation For Her! 
Nasya is thought to help relieve:
– Hoarseness of voice
– Stuttering or slurred speech
– Stiffness in the head, neck, throat, TMJ
– Headaches and migraines
– Earaches and any pain in nose and throat

Even More Benefits ~ Too Good To Be True:
It improves conditions such as Rhinitis (runny nose) and clear blocked nasal passage. Relieves mental and emotional stress, anxiety, fear and negativity. Positively impacts higher cerebral and sensory organs (eyes, nose, ears, skin and tongue). Prevents facial paralysis, goiter, tonsillitis, convulsion and motor disorder. Prevents loose teeth, gingivitis and diseases of the oral cavity.

 Nasya is also thought to nourish the body by:
1  Strengthening the hair as well as prevent white/grey hair
2  Firming veins, joints, tendons, and ligaments of the neck
3  Reduces the chances of eye disorders due to old age

This is strictly for educational purpose only. Not medical advice.
Always seek the advice of your primary care physician and guidance of a qualified practitioner.

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