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It’s International Yoga Day and Summer Solstice! Stay Cool with Coconut Oil

Happy 1st International Yoga Day!  It happens to fall on Summer Solstice. The celebration of Yoga Day usually includes some sun salutations or Surya Namaskar, 108 of them to be exact. With the sun being at its highest arc in the sky, even one Surya Namaskar can set the heart racing.  To make this International Yoga Day truly a celebration not a “heatabration”. Take the usual measures to stay cool and hydrated. Make sure you get plenty of electrolytes. Coconut Water is a good way to get hydrated and get some electrolytes while you are taking a break from today’s festivities. Using Coconut Oil internally and externally is also a great way to get the benefits of Coconut’s cooling powers. Here’s a little article we wrote that explains the Ayurvedic perspective of ...