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Dr. Vasant Lad Documentary

The Making Of “Dr. Vasant Lad Documentary”

Dr. Vasant Lad Documentary The term ‘Upanishad’ literally means, “sitting down near” or “sitting close to”, and it implies listening closely to the mystic doctrines of a guru or a spiritual teacher, who has realized the fundamental truth of life. It has been said that the best teachers teach from the heart and not from the book. To many, Dr. Vasant Lad is just that, a guru and a spiritual teacher. Dr. Lad is both a physician and professor who is considered one of the foremost expects on the subject of Ayurveda. Each year, Dr. Lad travels throughout the world, consulting privately and giving lectures. Coming to the United States in 1979 and lecturing for over 30 years, Dr. Lad has influenced and touched the hearts of his students. Rare are the teachers who affect eternity, never knowing whe...