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Ganesha Symbolism

The Mystifying Symbolism Of Ganesha & Santa Claus

Ganesha and Santa Claus In Hinduism and Vedic mythology, Ganesha is the elephant-headed boy with the big belly and (generally) jolly disposition. He has a lot in common with our own Saint Nick, and this time of year it’s fun to look at the similarities: Long trunk & long white beard – the trunk represents our spinal cord and nervous system, and the awakened kundalini traveling along its channels. It is the connection between our lower, ‘reptilian brain’ and our higher thinking centers, giving us self-control and wisdom. Ganesha lives at the base of the spine, but has access to the brain and higher centers. This means he is a complete being, and like him, we too can aspire to become fully-integrated humans, with control over our survival instincts, sexual impulses, drives, desires, spee...