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How To Prevent Ama

The Ayurveda Guide: Spring Season

  The Ayurveda Guide: Spring Season The shift to springtime weather and energy has begun. Fickle, changing hot-and-cold days send mixed signals to the body. This natural weather flux demands more flexibility in the body, because the body senses the shift of seasons on a cellular level and begins a natural detox. Many of us experience that, during the cold weather, we tend to eat more. Eating more then is natural, as it is Vata-pacifying (Vata is the mind-body operating principle that governs movement and is associated with fall and winter). The extra weight naturally keeps us warmer and feeling more comfortable in the cold winter months. Ayurveda honors that change within … We have all had the experience of feeling cold when we have missed our main meal. Food is the fuel that al...