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Importance Of Ojas

A Happy Heart Is A Healthy Heart [The Importance Of Ojas In Ayurveda]

  A Happy Heart Is A Healthy Heart Perhaps no other organ is more vital than the heart at sustaining our existence as well as being the intimate connection between our emotional life and overall health. Shockingly, every 20 seconds. someone in the U.S. has a heart attack. “To protect the heart and great vessels, above all take measures that are healthy for the heart and promote ojas, that cleanse the gaps and channels & help create serenity of mind.” – Charaka Samhita Ancient Wisdom – Don’t Stress Many thousands of years ago, the classical texts of Ayurveda identified the specific causes of heart disease as we known them today. For example, it was mentioned that eatng too much fatty and rich food along with suffering from chronic mental and emotional stress were consid...