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Āma – An Ayurvedic Perspective Of Indigestion

  Āma – An Ayurvedic Perspective Of Indigestion Ayurveda sees good digestion and its opposite, indigestion, as the foundation of wellness. When we’re digesting well, we’re keeping our internal environment balanced, well nourished, and relatively free from toxicity. When we’re not digesting well, and experiencing indigestion marked by symptoms like gas, acidity, bloating, constipation, or loose stools, it’s a signal that the body is not reacting well to the nourishment you’re providing it. Ayurvedic Digestive Supplements  Good health depends on strong, efficient digestion. Agni & Āma: From the Ayurvedic perspective on digestion there are two primary concepts to be familiar with: agni and āma. Agni in a general sense is the principle of transforma...