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What Is Agni

You Are Only As Healthy As Your “Agni”

  You Are Only As Healthy As Your Agni Agni is the fire of transformation. It is responsible for the digestion, absorption, assimilation, and transformation of what we take in (food and experiences) into energy. The well-known ayurved Dr. Lad, defines “Agni” as: Awareness Governing Nutritional Intelligence. Your agni can be balanced, too low, too high, or irregular. Ayurvedic Digestive Supplements You are only as healthy as your digestion!! What we feed the agni, and as David Frawley says, “Everything in the universe is food”, determines how our agni burns. Imbalanced agni can mean weakness, poor digestion, poor elimination, internal coldness, compromised immunity, fatigue, or generally a lack of bright, shiny, vitality. Balanced agni looks like strength, vital...