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How To Stay Healthy With Ayurveda – Awareness Is The Key

Staying Healthy With Ayurveda
Prevention is strongly emphasized in Ayurveda and the main goal of Ayurveda is to maintain the health of a healthy person and heal the illness of a sick person. According to this ancient science, much of being healthy is simply being [more] aware.

“The master key to remaining healthy is awareness.”
– Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician


Awareness – The Master Key
By being aware of your [doshic] constitution and remaining aware of how your body, mind and emotions respond to the ever changing world – this itself, allows us to make the informed choices required to maintain good health and well-being. In fact, the lack of this very awareness or “Prajnaparadha” [Crime Against Wisdom] is considered the root cause of all diseases according to the science of Ayurveda. Therefore, by becoming more aware of the root cause of disease and understanding two basic Ayurvedic concepts that “like increases like” and “opposites balance” are enough, and considered suffice information needed, to maintain a state of good health.

“Pure Awareness Being Aware Of Itself.” – Professor Rudolph Tanzi

Professor Rudolph Tanzi discusses the function of the cognitive self. This interview is featured
in the upcoming “Science and Nonduality Anthology Vol.5.”.

Modify The Cause Through Awareness
The potential causes of disease are constantly arising both within us and around us at all times. Our surroundings are always changing and there is an ever-changing nature of our thoughts and feelings while stressful conditions come and go throughout life. Despite not being able to control all these facets of life – what we can control are our actions bred from thoughtful awareness. Therefore, the first step in staying healthy is developing awareness to the potential causes of disease. For example, we cannot control the weather, but we can dress accordingly so that the cold winds of fall, the rain of winter and the summer’s heat do not create imbalances within us which can later manifest into disease.

Restoring Balance – With Opposites 
Despite being simple and commonly overlooked, restoring balance often involves introducing the opposite quality to which seemingly becomes imbalanced. For example, if you’re cold – consider something warm or hot. Nothing better than a warm soup or hot drink on a cold winter night. Likewise, nothing more soothing than the cooling shade on a hot scorching summer day. In the same manner, to manage any imbalance of the body it’s important to determine which dosha [or combination of doshas] which may be out of balance and then takes steps to normalize it, according to one’s unique tendencies. This process helps to seek out the root cause of any imbalance rather than treating mere symptoms.


Developing Awareness
During ancient times, meditation was often considered a way of life. The act of meditation was not something outside of daily life. Instead, meditation was considered a way to bring about harmony to the body, mind and consciousness during everyday challenges. The essence of any meditation is a state of being aware, awareness. In a way, the mere act of being aware is balancing. Observing, listening and being aware of anything without judgment, without criticism, and without liking – nor disliking, you become the center to which all things dissolve into. In the same manner, to be aware of the imbalances within the body and mind without the sense of judgment also allows for the restoration of balance. Truly therefore, awareness is the master key to remaining balanced, healthy and happy.

Just Some Of The Potential Benefits Of Meditation:
– greater clarity and inner calmness
– increased creativity and happiness
– improved sense of emotional stability
– reduced level of anxiety and depression
– improved brain function and memory
– reduced level of stress
… the list can go on and on …


Be Happy. Be Balanced. Be Aware.

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