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If You Could Give Just One Piece Of Advice …

Health is a state of perfect balance. Āyurveda says that there is an integrative relationship between the body, mind, and consciousness. When the influences of the body, mind and senses are balanced and one begins to experience the sense of bliss and happiness only then is one thought to be in good health. I asked several highly respected individuals in the field of Āyurveda the following question, “If you could give just one piece of “ayurvedic” advice to the world, what would it be?”  The responses were intriguing 

“Be happy and stay happy.”
– Sanjay Pisharodi, M.D., Owner at Purnarogya Holistic Health Care


“Know your ‘sva’ (your unique blue print), agni (transformative principle in the body) and the power of prana and manas (mind) – live a full vibrant healthy life.”
– Pratibha Shah, B.A.M.S., Founder of ‘Council For Ayurveda Research’


“Pause in the day to breathe deeply. Few who are chronically ill have a relationship to the ability of breath to relax and reset from daily stressors.
– SiriChand Khalsa,  M.D., Chief Luminary at Luminous Foods


“Our bodies, our inner nature is a mirror of the outer Nature. At noon time when the sun is highest in the sky is when our Agni, our digestive fire is at its peak. This is the time to eat the largest meal of the day.”
– Lakshmi Devi Costello, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Lifestyle Consultant


“Regulate your eating and sleeping times. the single best action to pacify all 3 doshas, improve digestion, facilitate proper elimination, calm the mind, improve sleep, lose weight, make better choices, build body awareness….”
– Amy Lewis, Ayurvedic Consultant


“Aahara (Diet) and Vihaara (Lifestyle) are the base for living happy as per Ayurveda.”
– Dr. Satya Prasad, Former Principal of Ayurvedic Medical College


“Be Happy – eat food that makes you happy, be with people who make you happy, do work that makes you happy … there is no health without happiness!”
– Sandra Nicht, Ayurvedic Counselor


“Include all six tastes in every meal; it is one of the easiest way to use food to balance the doshas.”
– Stephanie Danielson-Tan, Ayurvedic Consultant


“Know the essence of you so that you can make clear decisions on bringing in those things/foods/people that support you and balance you.”
– Mary Bruck; President and Owner at ‘Vibrant Health Ayurveda and Yoga’


“Before you recommend a treatment plan to anyone (including herbs, massage, oiling, detox, etc), determine the cause of the imbalance and remove it, or you will be forever treating symptoms. Removing the cause must ALWAYS be a part of the treatment.”
– David Freedman, Director at ‘The Center For Vedic Medicine’


“Always breath through your nose.”
– Larry Mangel, Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Consultant


“It’s all about digestion, you are what you digest, keep it optimum then everything will fall in place”
– Anjula Agrawal, Ayurvedic Practitioner


“Love your breath (Prana).”
– Heidi Nordlund, Ayurvedic Practitioner at ‘Namaskar Healing’


“Know thyself.”
– Aparna Khanolkar, Private Chef and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor


“Eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, drink when you’re thirsty and create when you are inspired.”
– Kael Balizer, Owner of ‘Life in Balance with Kael’


“Sarva dharmeshu madhyamam”. Ayurveda highlights sadvritta, code of conduct for a peaceful & harmonious life. To be healthy Ayurveda emphasise on “prasanna atmeyeindriya mana swasta ityabhidhiyathe”. Apart from physical parameters, mana & senses have to be clear. The three main causes of all sorts of miseries & diseases are said to be prajnaparadha, asatmeindriyartha samyoga, mithya- ahara viharas. So here analysing all the 3 causative factors, we can infer that manas play a prime role. In this present world manasa Vegas are to be controlled krodha, kama, lobha…….. (Ref..ast hri-su, ch..su). Think before you act, in case of food habits or your moral conduct. This is the perfect way to be healthy.” 
– Dr. Aswathy Radha Nair


“Sarva Karmeshu Madhyamam … follow a middle path.”
– Karen Khazzam Dubi, Ashtanaga Yoga Teacher – Mysore Style


“Middle road living.”
– Sandra Radja, Owner at ‘The She Oak – Castlemaine Ayurveda’


Several Considerations …
1. Follow a regular routine according to ritu(season) and desha(country).
2. Exercise regularly. I recommend Yoga and Meditation.
3. One should eat according to their dosha and Agni.
4. Always drink warm water, use cold water for head bath and hot water to take bath.”
– Vara Lakshmi, Ayurvedic Professional


“No ice water or [iced] drinks.”
– Joey Bujold, Ayurvedic Counselor


“Breathe before you eat.”
– Danielle Bertoia, Ayurvedic Practitioner


“Say a prayer to bless the food before eating.”
– Anupama Butani, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner. level 2


“The food you eat is either medicine or poison. Choose mindfully.”
– Sharon Kapp, Owner/CEO at ‘Houston Yoga & Ayurvedic Wellness Center’


“BE Yourself.”
– Karen Whynott, Spa Therapist, Chopra Center Vedic Master teaching Ayurveda



“Warm water can be so healing.”
– Jennifer Wahlquist Coolidge, Ayurvedic Counselor


“Live like nature.”
– Sohini Mimi Striuli, Ayurvedic Consultant, Kripalu Yoga Teacher


“Know yourself, love yourself.”
– Chara Caruthers, Owner of ‘BlissBody & Soul’


“According to our Ayurveda Texts “DESHA” Can be of both types to be saved with our Traditional system i.e. ‘Deha Desha (Lokadeha-Body) & ‘Bhumi Desha (Outside world)”
– Kumar Pardeep, Associate Professor of Ayurvedic Medicine


“Always listen to your body; pay close attention to what it is telling you!”
– Bill Courson, Ayurvedic Educator


“Follow the Ayurvedic clock. Eat your biggest meal in the middle of the day. Eat an earlier & lighter dinner.”
– Batool Yogima, Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Practitioner


“Dont eat: – in front of your computer; – while talking; -while walking; – while checking FB, email.”
– Shweta Parmar, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Therapist, AyurDoula


“Ayurveda is a lifestyle. It is not just a system of medicine. Hence manage your lifestyle effectively and stay healthy.”
– Nitin Chaube, CEO ‘Ayushya Varsha Health Care’


“Squat rather than sit when eliminating stools or urine. One of the best advices I think people can implement in life. and BREATHE!”
– Yossi Joe Nazar, Ayurvedic Consultant


“Spend your time in nature as often as you can!”
– Sanghee Chon Davidson, Ayurvedic Consultant


“Eat whole foods, lovingly prepared, with a great deal of awareness and appreciation.”
– Upasana Giglia, Ayurvedic Consultant


“Be mindful of the three pillars of health …. Diet, sleep and celibacy (translation for people in todays society … Celibate when single monogamous when married).”
– Julie Heinzman, Ayurvedic Practitioner

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