Avoid multitasking.
We can only focus on one thing at a time. Charak Samhita , the ancient Ayurvedic text containing the conversation between the medical sage Atreya and his disciple Agnivesa, states that there is no multiplicity of the mind. The mind is only one and therefore only one sense faculty is motivated at a time; all sense organs are not active simultaneously. It may appear as if we can taste the food and at the same time watch television, however, this is not correct. In reality the various sense faculties are active in a consecutive order, and can be observed when attending to the subtleties of what happens while taking food.

Food for Thought ~We are what we think.
The importance of positive thinking is well-known and while eating we should pay attention to what thoughts and feelings are moving through us. The energy and vibration of our thoughts manifest in the foods we eat. Thus, maintaining a state of prayer and positive attitude when taking food reflects outwardly in our lives.