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Nourishing Wisdom – Certain Foods To Never Combine


Nourishing Wisdom
The ancient science of Ayurveda flourished in a civilization vastly different from life today. Many thousands of years ago people were very connected to the great rhythms of life – the rhythmic cycle of seasons, day and night, life and death. That said, the wisdom of Ayurveda is still just as relevant today than ever before. Fortunately for us, the wise sages understood health as being dependent upon being in harmony with nature. Let us now discuss some of these teachings centered around food combining; more specifically – food incompatibities.


“How you eat is as important as what you eat.”
– Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician


Cultivating A Healthy Lifestyle
Before discussing food incompatibilities it is important to also bring about some awareness to the basics; the state of mind while eating. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who suffer from digestive conditions and often it’s the simple considerations which have the greatest impact. Therefore, here are some simple considerations to help cultivate a more balanced approach towards digestion.

“Pearls Of Wisdom”
– when eating, eat.
– eat in a relaxed and peaceful manner.
– eat fresh and seasonal foods.
– eat only when you are “truly” hungry.
– avoid overeating. *leave 1/3 of your stomach empty


Poor Food Combining – Food Incompatibilities
According to Ayurveda, the improper combining of food items is a major cause of digestive conditions [i.e. indigestion, bloating, abdominal pain]. It is thought that by combining incompatible food items that this leads to a disturbance in the normal functioning of the digestive system and can even result in a form of toxicity [i.e. fermentation, putrefaction] within the gut flora.


Thou Shalt Not … 

It is recommended not to combine milk with the following items:
– bananas
– fish
– melons
– yogurt
– sour fruits
– bread made with yeast

Eggs should not be combined with:
– milk
– yogurt
– melons
– cheese
– fruits
– potatoes

Starches should not be combined with:
– bananas
– milk
– dates

Corn should not be combined with:
– dates
– raisins
– bananas

Lemons should not be combined with
– yogurt
– milk
– cucumber
– tomato

What About Fruit Smoothies?
This is considered a big “No-No” according to the basic principles of Ayurveda. Although some blended fruit smoothies made with all fruit [no dairy] may be considered acceptable, it is generally best to avoid fruit smoothies – especially mixing bananas into a dairy mixture.

The Complete Book Of Ayurvedic Home Remedies; Dr. Vasant Lad. Three Rivers Press.

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