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KAPHA Management

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Kapha types are thought to possess more cold and heavy qualities which can create conditions of edema, congestion, and even excess weight gain. Likewise, the cold and heavy qualities [of kapha] can oppose the hot and light qualities of the digestive fire [called Agni] and therefore may weaken the digestive capacity. Generally, these individuals may want to consider spices to help promote digestion and increase metabolism. For kapha types, spices are thought to be beneficial; so spice it up!


Kapha types have the stabilizing ability to preserve energy. Although these individuals are slow to start the day they often have consistent levels of energy to endure throughout the day. Some may argue that kapha types have consistent levels of energy because they are reluctant to release energy. Let’s just say that kapha types would rather drive to the corner than to walk.


Kapha types are predominantly made of the steady earthy elements and therefore this gives these individuals a steady sexual appetite. Kapha types are by far the most loving and passionate of people. However, their passionate drive is slow to burn but once kindled it will burn brightly and for a long long time.


Kapha types are thought to have the most stable appetite, however, these individuals are often ones to have a more slower metabolism and digestive capacity. Hands down, kapha types are loving and compassionate. Along the same lines, kapha types enjoy food and if their need for love goes unnoticed, then these individuals are more prone towards “comfort-eating” more so than others.


Plain and simple, kapha type love sleeping. Kapha individuals are very sound sleepers and routinely experience deep sleep. Kapha type do not have difficulty falling asleep [as do vata type], kapha type have difficulty waking up and getting the day started. They are ones to have calm dreams and even most likely to have romantically vivid dreams.


Kapha types enjoy a soft bedding with lofty soft covers

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