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PITTA Management

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Pitta types are thought to consists mainly of the fire element and primarily characterize the quality of heat. Therefore, the management of pitta types is centered around cooling which can easily be accomplished by introducing more sweet, astringent, and bitter tastes into one’s diet. Generally, pitta types should avoid heavily spiced meals because they are prone to acid indigestion [i.e. heart burn].


Pitta types are predominantly made from the fire element so this give them a very fiery drive and strong sexual appetite. Pitta types can be thought of as the most passionate of all types and often are able to get just what they want.


Pitta types often have a ferocious appetite and are thought to have a sharp and robust digestive ability. These individuals can digest just about anything they eat. Because pitta types have a “sharp” digestion, they can easily become irritable if they suddenly become hungry and there is no food to be had. Therefore, it is important for pitta types to eat on time. Interestingly pitta types commonly crave hot and spicy food. In fact, “unbalanced” pitta types often have cravings for alcohol, pickles and of course … spices! Therefore, once again, this stresses the importance of pitta types to avoid spicy foods since these individuals are most prone to acid indigestion and heartburn.


Pitta types are able to sleep well. Even if these individuals wake up in the night, they are easily able to fall right back asleep again. Since pitta types are critical thinkers, their brains continue to work throughout sleep and can manifest as intense dreams, centered around action.


Pitta types prefer a firm bed often with few covers.

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