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VĀTA Management

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Vata types can be thought of as being predominantly cold, dry, light and mobile. Therefore, vata types would want to consider more warming, moistening, and even weight promoting considerations. Therefore, vata types generally do better with sweet, sour and even salty tastes in their diet because these tastes are considered to be moistening while nutritive. Vata types are characterized as having irregular digestion and even vulnerable to constipation. Therefore, vata individuals may want to consider digestive stimulants to help promote their appetite and digestive ability. Moistening and bulking elements [i.e. flax seed, psyllium seeds] may also help to manage constipation which is common for vata types.


Vata types are governed by the mobile quality which makes them inclined to always be in creative motion. This makes vata types vulnerable to exhaustion because these individuals go beyond their own physical stamina. Despite vata types being the ones who most need rest, they are also the ones most likely to have a stimulant only to keep going. Vata types … you need to rest more!


Vata types are made predominantly from ether and air elements so their sexual appetite varies like the wind. Some days the wind is gentle and other days the wind furiously storms about. This best explains the sexual appetite of vata types. Vata types are often the most creative of people and therefore are avid fantasists with intense passion.


Vata types often have irregular digestion; meaning very hungry at times and at other times no hunger at all. Vata types are also thought to have a “hard” digestive tract and therefore makes them more vulnerable to experience symptoms of abdominal distention, flatulence, and even develop a nervous appetite.


Vata types often have irregular sleep patterns and whatever sleep these individuals are able to get, is “light” sleep. It’s only until vata types are extremely tired and exhausted that they will likely experience deep sleep. Generally, vata types have difficulty getting to sleep and unfortunately due to being “light sleepers”, wake up several times throughout the night. Due to the mobile quality inherent with vata types, these individuals may be most vulnerable of all “types” to grind their teeth, be sleep-talkers, sleep-walkers and definitely have the most dynamic dreams. Vata types commonly have the most adventurous dreams of centered around the enjoyment being chased.


Vata types love a soft bed for their bony bodies.

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