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The Divine Dance of Leo: Mercury’s Visit

The Divine Dance of Leo: Mercury’s Visit

Simha: The Lion Sign
The constellation Leo is called Simha in sanskrit, which translates to lion. Of all twelve signs in our galaxy, Leo is the only sign which is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the king of the galaxy, much like the lion is the king of the jungle.  The sign of Leo embodies the shining powerful qualities of the Sun.

One of the primary karmas or energies associated with Leo is to reach the full potential of whatever our soul’s direction or desire is.  In this sense, Leo encourages us to reach the full expression, or full potential of whatever our soul’s affinity, destiny, or dharma is.  Leo also has the primary energies of receiving attention, honor, and reputation which relate to the Sun’s brilliant power, strength, and brightness.

Leo is associated with power and leadership. Having said this, this does not always manifest in terms of traditional positions of power and leadership such as CEOs, Presidents, Directors, Managers and the like. Leadership for Leo manifests in terms of creating empowerment of one’s own life, being the ruler of one’s own domain.  Power manifests as believing in one’s highest potential and our ability to carry that out.

Due to the brilliant shining empowering qualities of Leo, this sign also brings vitality, generosity, respect, dignity, ambition and bounding inner strength. Leo, because of the emphasis on the individual soul’s journey and the desire towards positions of power and leadership can cause vanity, perfectionism, arrogance, condescension, power hunger, egoism and selfishness.

Budhaya: The Emblem of Intelligence
The divine planet of Mercury in sanskrit is called Budhaya which translates to the emblem of intelligence and is related to the Vedic philosophical concept of buddhi which represents the discriminatory factor of our consciousness.  Mercury analyzes, calculates, and understands.  One of Mercury’s primary energies relates to communication, as both understanding and expression relate to one’s intellectual capacity.  Mercury is also known to have strong associations relating to scientific understanding, versatility, humor and inventive creativity.  Mercury is described in the ancient texts as very attractive and a lover of jokes, having both a quick witted sense of humor, as well as using words with multiple meanings.  This ancient description also hints at the quick minded and humorous nature of Mercury.

Mercury’s Transit in Leo …
Mercury is within the Sun ruled sign of Leo from Wednesday July 27 until Friday August 19 2016.  Mercury will be joining the shadow planet Rahu for the entirety of its transit in Leo, as well as the auspicious mystical and spiritual planet Jupiter until August 11.  Additionally, Venus joins Mercury in Leo on August 1 and the Sun will be joining the party as well on August 17. Needless to say, there is an incredible amount of energy transiting through Leo July through August.  In September Mercury’s retrograde state will pull Mercury back into Leo again from September 10 through October 3rd.  To summarize, Mercury’s transit in Leo is July 27 to August 19 and again September 10 through October 3.  During this transit in Leo Mercury will be joining Jupiter, Rahu, Sun, Venus, and Moon intermittently.

When Mercury enters Leo it creates a very auspicious effect.  Mercury’s tridoshic, intelligent and intellectual nature will combine with the power, fire and leadership of Leo.  This will create an atmosphere in which people who are fully empowered in themselves will begin to express themselves in a stronger, greater and more effective manner.  Reaching more and accomplishing more with their expressions.  A great example of this will be in the political spectrum where presidential candidates are going to be reaching their audience in a deeper, and more meaningful way.  Each individual candidate’s message will be expressed with confidence, authority, intelligence, wit and intensity.

Shadow energies of deception, manipulation, and trickery can be expected during this time as well due to Rahu’s influence on Mercury during the transit. These darker apects can be seen especially when it comes to positions of power, authority and leadership.  This could mean that during the transit both candidates will be expressing manipulative techniques and deceit, especially Donald Trump, who himself is a Leo ascendant.

On an individual basis this is a good time for self empowerment, self expression, for our soul’s desire and potential in life to be expressed, communicated and received.  This will be a time where we are all encouraged to believe in ourselves, to speak our truth, and for our intelligence or intellect to help our soul fulfill its direction or desire.  It will encourage every individual to be clever, influential in their thoughts and communication and to grow in their power, influence, authority and popularity through expression.

Also due to Mercury entering Leo, it will create an auspicious effect of bringing communication, technology and the expression of ideas and principles to the surface and forefront of the consciousness.  This is an auspicious time for reading and writing and therefore for readers and writers this is a good time for expression of their ideas and thoughts.  This is a time where our thoughts, ideas and creativity can be expressed in a very influential and inspiring way.  This is the time for the charismatic to further extend their power and influence, as well as for each individual inner charisma and energetic appeal to grow, especially through communication and expression.  This is the time for leaders to clearly see the big picture of things and to communicate that in a clear, effective and intelligent matter.

Leo’s emphasis on the individual journey and empowerment can sometimes be associated with ego and so this is a time where people of authority, power, or leadership may express conceited, selfish, vain, or impractical ideals. These egotistical or narcissistic implications are further exacerbated by Rahu’s conjunction with Mercury.

Overall, this will be a brilliant time for communication, intelligence, and expression of our own truth and the message the soul carries. For strong energetic beings, leaders, authorities, and other sources of power they will carry much influence, and inspiration in all of their expressions, communications, and thoughts.

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