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Kapha Dosha

Hey Kapha – Get Up.

More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life. Ayurveda offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay balanced and healthy. Ayurveda reminds us that health is the dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit.


Hey Kapha – “Get Up.”
Kapha individuals are often the most compassionate people with much love, devotion, and loyalty. Kapha types seldom rebel and more often reflect the conservative, traditional, or conventional attitude in their behavior and beliefs. However, when kapha becomes imbalanced this can lead to attachment, laziness, and even depression.


The Kapha Body
Kapha individuals are usually shorter and more heavy or stocky in build. Kaphas have abundant thick hair with large white attractive teeth and of course large beautiful eyes with gorgeous eye lashes. Due to the water and earth elements of kapha – kapha types are vulnerable at gaining weight. However, if kapha types control their weight they are often the longest living and healthiest of all body types. Since kapha types are predominantly water and earth they can easily accumulate phlegm manifesting as bronchial or sinus congestion.

The Kapha Mind
As mentioned above, kaphas are loving and loyal. Kapha types are friendly and create long lasting relationships. For the most part these individuals are largely content and most willing to accept things as they are. Balanced kapha types tend to be romantic and sentimental. Imbalanced kaphas tend to become more attached with an inclination of dependency.

Dr. Sheila Patel from The Chopra Center describes which foods help balance anyone whose main dosha is Kapha. Light and astringent foods along with pungent herbs and spices are recommended options for Kaphas.


Energy Levels
Kaphas have stability and able to preserve energy. They may be slow to start but once they get going kaphas have consistent levels of energy to endure throughout the day. Some may argue that kapha types have consistent levels of energy because they are reluctant to release and expend energy. That said, let’s just say that kapha types would rather drive to the corner than to walk.

Sex Drive
Since kaphas are predominately made of the steady [firm & fixed] earthy elements they also have a steady sexual appetite. Kapha types are by far the most loving and passionate of people. However, their passionate drive is slow to burn but once kindled it will burn bright for a long-lasting time.

Sleep Patterns
Plain and simple, kaphas love sleeping. Kaphas are very sound sleepers and routinely experience deep sleep. They do not have any difficulty falling asleep [as do vata type] however, kapha type do have difficulty waking up and getting the day started. They are more likely to have calm dreams while at the same time most likely to have romantically vivid dreams.


Management Of Kapha
Therefore, management for kapha types is centered around:

  • Warming
  • Drying
  • Lightening


Tastes To Pacify Kapha
Ayurveda describes an interesting relationship of taste and its influence upon the body. According to this philosophy, kapha types are most balanced by pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes as these tastes are drying and lightening in nature with catabolic actions.

Simple Considerations
Simple considerations for helping to balance kapha:

  • wake up early, be active and consider exercise daily
  • avoid sedentary lifestyle and daytime sleeping
  • avoid cold drinks and instead consider warm and spicy food and hot drinks
  • eat fresh raw vegetables to help balance the oily nature of kapha
  • consider drinking hot water mixed with small amounts of honey


Improve Digestion For Kapha
Kapha types generally have a slower metabolism. The cold and heavy qualities [of kapha] can oppose the hot and light qualities of the digestive fire and therefore can weaken digestion. Generally, kaphas may want to consider spices to help promote digestion and increase metabolism. For kapha types, spices are thought to be beneficial; so spice it up! Without doubt – kaphas are loving and compassionate. However, if their need for love goes unnoticed, kaphas will become more prone towards “comfort-eating” more so than others.

Great Veggies For Kapha
– asparagus
– beets, broccoli
– Brussels sprouts
– cabbage
– carrots
– cauliflower
– celery
– garlic
– leafy green vegetables
– onions
– radishes
– spinach
– sprouts

Awesome Fruits For Kapha
– apricots
– berries
– cherries
– cranberries
– papaya
– pears
– prunes
– pomegranates
– grapefruit

Terrific Grains For Kapha
– barley
– buckwheat
– corn
– millet
– oats
– rye
– basmati rice

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