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Pitta Dosha

Hey Pitta – Chill Out.


Ayurveda recognizes that each human being is born with a unique balance and that this natural balance is responsible for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By recognizing and maintaining this unique balance, Ayurveda provides simple guidelines to help each person create his or her own state of ideal health. For now, we will discuss the fiery nature of Pitta.


Hey Pitta – “Chill Out.”
The first thing which comes to mind when thinking of pitta is the brilliant blaze of fire. The primary function of pitta is transformation and controls digestion, metabolism, and energy production. The fire aspect makes pitta types bright, illuminating, fiery and even hot-tempered.


A Dose Of Loving Compassion
One of the best ways to pacify the fiery and hot-tempered nature of pitta types is the enduring dose of antiquated love and compassion. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda explained perfectly the antidote of the fiery pitta flare …

“lying on the grass or a veranda in the late evening under the moonlight, listening to a melodious song, exposure to a pleasant cool breeze, having the company of loving, sweet-speaking friends and sweet speaking innocent children, a beautiful looking agreeable partner of the opposite sex, in a house surrounded by cool-water fountains, a beautiful lawn and swimming pool with shallow steps, swimming with a woman, beautiful swans and lotuses that are kissing.” – Ashtanga Hridayam, Sutrasthana, Ch. 13 Su. 5-9
[Translated by Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician]


The Pitta Body
Pitta individuals are usually of average height, build and frame and generally possess good health. Likewise, pitta types often have well developed muscles along with a great complexion. The reason for this shining complexion is due to an oily quality which can also make pittas more prone to acne, rashes, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Shake the hands of a pitta and you will likely feel a warm hand yet firm grip. Pittas are predominately of the fire element and therefore sweat easily and prefer all things which are cooling.

The Pitta Mind
Pitta individuals are characterized as being highly intelligent and perceptive with a remarkable ability to discriminate. They have a sharp intellect, great comprehension along with a competitive streak. It is because of these qualities that pitta types are high achievers, leaders, and successful achieving their respective endeavors. Due to their competitive nature, pitta individuals can also have a fiery temper and at times become domineering.


Pittas Are Full Of Passion
Pitta types have a fiery drive and strong sexual appetite. Pitta types can be thought of as the most passionate of all types and are able to get just what they want – so they think.

Sharp Digestion
Pitta types possess a healthy and robust appetite and despite the ability to eat just about anything, their weight often remains moderate. Due to the predominant fire quality, pitta types are prone to acid indigestion and heartburn. Pitta are punctual and the surest way to make a pitta individual irritable is to have them arrive late to a meal.

Pitta Sleep Pattern
Pitta types sleep well. Even if these individuals wake up at night, they are easily able to fall right back asleep. Since pitta types are critical thinkers, their brain continues to work throughout sleep and can manifest as intense dreams, centered around action.


Management Of Pitta

The management for pitta types is centered around:

  • Cooling
  • Calming and
  • Moderation


Several Considerations For Pitta Types
Several considerations for helping to balance pitta:
– eat foods which are cool and refreshing
– avoid foods which are sour, salty, pungent and spicy
– dairy milk, butter, and ghee are often beneficial for pacifying pitta
– drink enough water and consider aloe vera to help cool down pitta

Sweet, Bitter & Astringent
Ayurveda describes an interesting relationship of taste and its influence upon the body. According to this philosophy, pitta types often are most balanced by sweet, bitter and astringent tastes as these are considered to be cooling and pacifying. Generally, pitta types should avoid heavily spiced meals because they are prone to acid indigestion [i.e. heartburn].

Improving Digestion
The best food for pittas are cool or warm [not steaming hot] with moderately heavy textures. Bitter, sweet, and astringent tastes are ideal. Refreshing food during the summer or hot weather are ideal and cooling drinks such as herbal tea, specifically mint or licorice root tea are pacifying to pittas. A suitable breakfast for pitta types may consist of cold cereal, cinnamon toast and apple tea. In general, vegetarian food is ideal for pitta types as red meat tends to be heating which can aggravate pitta inflammatory conditions. On the contrary, pittas should consume abundant amounts of milk, grains, and nourishing vegetables.

Great Veggies For Pittas
– asparagus
– broccoli
– Brussels sprouts
– cabbage
– radishes
– cauliflower
– celery
– cucumber
– green beans
– leafy green vegetables
– parsley
– sprouts
– squash
– spinach

Awesome Fruit For Pittas
– bananas
– avocados
– cherries
– coconuts
– figs
– mangoes
– melons
– pears
– pineapples
– plums
– prunes
– raisins

Terrific Grains For Pittas
– barley
– wheat
– basmati rice

Favorable Beans For Pitta
– chickpeas
– mung beans
– red lentils

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